According to Gartner, through 2022, more than 80% of enterprise organizations piloting AI projects will face delays in moving them to production due to lack of organizational collaboration and IT process immaturity.

Accelerate your application deployment, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning initiatives and frequency of app deployments with Cloud4C DevOps Managed services that are built using Industry best practices, leading tool chains and cloud native tools.



DevOps along with Agile development has undoubtedly enabled faster go-to market of software. Introducing automation helps improve productivity and quality while impacting overall project costs in a positive way. Businesses of all sizes are embracing the DevOps philosophy with a focus on increased efficiency, better and frequent product releases..

Cloud4C Managed DevOps services

Cloud4C Managed DevOps services include DevOps setup and management, Test Automation, Code Migrations, Product promotions, Vulnerability assessments, Production operations, Security Operations and more.

Cloud4C combines our experience on native cloud tools and DevOps services with a variety of industry leading tools to create a cohesive and automated solution thus accelerating the product release process. It is done by automating testing and releasing new versions of the application code on the fly. Whether it is a canned app or a home grown app, Cloud4C takes responsibility from the point where the home grown source code is committed to the repository until the product is delivered to the customer running the complete lifecycle of product operations including the underlying infrastructure.

Why Cloud4C DevOps services?

Design and Architect
Assess the enterprise operations, Design and Architect DevOps architecture, environment and solutions
Highly Customizable
Customization as per customer requirements to suit their industry and geography
Multi-Cloud DevOps
Implement and manage full-spectrum CI/CD workflows that span the breadth and depth of multi-cloud deployments
Highly Reliable
Enhanced reliability by a combination of Enterprises grade tools and Cloud4C tools/services managing the complete DevOps lifecycle
GLA based deployment for UAT and production offering you total visibility and control over the project
Infrastructure as a Code(IAC)
A CI/CD pipeline which runs on IAC model offerings enterprises the flexibility to integrate with any hyperscaler or private cloud
Proven Support
Up to L4 level of DevOps Support delivered by experienced personnel

Cloud4C DevOps Practice

DevOps methodology affects many stakeholders in an organization such as Customer service, Marketing, Product owners, Project Managers, Program Managers, Developers, Quality Assurance teams, Release and Build teams and Infrastructure teams. All of them need to have a better end-to-end visibility of operations, planning, integration, testing, monitoring, delivery and feedback. This is the well-known 7C approach of DevOps. In order to facilitate the visibility, an efficient integration of processes and tools to automate the information exchange and execution is necessary.

1. plan, code & track

  • Understands requirements and develops code from leading technologies
  • Commits updated code to Version control system with proper branching part of Continuos integration best practices
  • Delivers continuous Product Increments using agile best practices & processes like SCRUM / KANBAN
  • Identity, Plan, Develop, Deliver and Track whole processes and visualize using world class tolls

2. build & test

  • Building continuous from latest code committed in version control system
  • Imports and executes test cases from testing tools say
  • Tests latest build using automating test engines as part of Continuos testing best practices
  • Finally, Continuosly Release tested builds to various Deployment using tools

3. deploy

  • Once testes & validates, each change is deployable using continuous Delivery practices
  • With Continuous Deployment (CD), the entire process from code commit to production is automated
  • Continuously deploys successfully built files anywhere to target environments -created by various virtualizations / containerization tools

4. monitor & operate

  • Expertise in the leading configuration management tools to manage infrastructue
  • Faster and secure delivery of software by automating infra management
  • Continuously monitors infrastructure using various monitoring tools that lies lets enterprise visualize events and get alerts in real time.

Quick business outcomes

Lesser time to deploy and deliver a DevOps environment using Dockers and Containers native to cloud
With Continuous Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration testing (VAPT) scans using industry leading tools like Burp, Qulays
Industry Knowledge Base driven DevOps for better product adoption and operation
Products taken faster to the market with automated testing
Dashboard, audit logs for entire software and operational lifecycle to meet the regulatory requirements
Transparency into technology operations to reduce, eliminate execute risks
Vaults, Keystores, IAM roles
Guaranteed SLA for CI/CD Pipeline, Test Automation, response and resolution

Cloud4C DevOps Toolkit expertise

Cloud4C is one of the leading experts in the DevOps practice, an Azure Expert MSP and a Consulting partner with AWS. Cloud4C has handled thousands of cloud transformation projects across the world. Whether it is a green-field Cloud/Multi-cloud environment equipped with Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery processes or introduce automation into an established environment, Cloud4C certified cloud experts and DevOps architects can support an enterprise in building the DevOps capabilities.

Third Party Tools

Azure Tools

AWS Tools




API Gateway



Amazon S3



OPS Work


AWS Config


Cloud Watch




AWS Trusted Advisor


multi-cloud devops

In a recent survey done by IBM Institute for Business Value, 85% of companies said that they are already operating multiple clouds and the rest of them said that they would be using multi-cloud within next 3 years. With Infra, Database and App modernization, complex multi-cloud environments need full-spectrum DevOps to drive the CI/CD pipelines not only across both private and public clouds but also across hybrid virtualization, containerization, and serverless fabrics. This essentially addresses continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) for infrastructure-as-a-service, platform-as-a-service, and software-as-a-service components. Cloud4C built frameworks for full-spectrum multi-cloud DevOps workflows that span heterogeneous public and private cloud platforms.