In 2018, the global Application Modernization Services market size was 10400 million US$ and it is expected to reach 32000 million US$ by the end of 2025, with a CAGR of 15.1% during 2019-2025.

Businesses today face unprecedented disruption and are embracing digital transformation as a way of life. Infrastructure modernization is a good start. But, to unlock the complete potential of the cloud, businesses need to rethink how they manage their application portfolio.

Application modernization is a broad term covering many different interpretations, methodologies and implementations. We at Cloud4C, help you with the perfect modernization approach with Azure leveraging the Azure App Service to accelerate build, deploy and scale web apps and APIs

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Cloud4C: Your Trusted Partner in Application Modernization And Migration Journey

Cloud4C Application Modernization helps enterprises in maintaining, extending, deploying and managing their applications so that they meet the current and future business needs. This depends on your situation which will be driven by factors such as strategic business initiatives, application architecture, time, cost and available skills

Various approaches and techniques for Application Modernization

Icon for RE-HOST solution in Application Modernization


Here we move the application to another physical, virtual or cloud infrastructure without any alteration, all while keeping the business logic intact, and ensuring there is no change in the system.

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A legacy app that has some functionality which is still useful can sometimes be replaced with a more fiexible cloud-based solution. The consumption of these services changes from a purchased license to a pay-as-you-go subscription.

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We move the legacy applications to the cloud with minute changes, ensuring code structure, features, and functions are unaltered. For Software-as-a-Service apps, it is based on a twelve-factor framework, a defined methodology for developing and deploying web applications.

Icon for  RE-ARCHITECT in Application Modernization


It’s about moving to new application architecture where you can utilize all the modern programming as well as microservices, a win-win situation. In this legacy modernization technique, the overall code is changed, allowing you to move to a new architecture where you enable the infinite features of the application platform.

Icon for RE-BUILD in Application Modernization


In encapsulation, the monolithic application is broken, encapsulate data and functions in the application and rebuild those individual components into micro services application through a new application programming interface. This will help your enterprise to leverage and extend the application’s features and value to change with the changing needs of the business.


What makes Cloud4C Migration factory approach and frameworks ready to use?


Timeline for Cloud4C Migration factory approach for Legacy Modernization Timeline for Cloud4C Migration factory approach for Legacy Modernization
  • Thorough discovery workshops with consultative the approach across the migration project lifecycle

  • Fail proof, secure and Risk averse migration framework suited just for the organization’s needs

  • Robust industry, geography and compliance specific Cloud4C Migration factory approach for quicker migration

  • Comprehensive Migration strategy involving the entire partner eco-system to achieve organization’s transformation objectives

  • Leveraging cloud native & underlying technology certified migration tools with automation for a quicker Go-to-Market (GTM)

  • Leveraging Azure Services to create highly available web apps for Windows and Linux at scale

  • Leveraging built in monitoring tools- Azure Monitor and Azure App Insights to monitor the performance, availability and usage of your web applications

  • Leveraging built-in security control of Azure App Service for network, monitoring & logging, identity management, data protection, and configuration management. Securing your web app by following security best practices - Authentication through Azure AD, role-based access control (RBAC), Azure Key Vault for managing secrets, and network security groups (NSGs.


Robust | Compliant | Fail-safe | Adhering to Business Objectives

Illustration of Cloud4C Application Modernization services Illustration of Cloud4C Application Modernization services


  • Cloud4C has deep expertise and experience on Azure and has perfected a highly secure, automated and cost-effective migration approach and framework(s)

  • An expert MSP with top notch Azure certified architects, Azure Kubernetes Service experts, developers, and DevOps professionals

  • Complex migrations, conversions, homogeneous and heterogeneous migrations are handled skilfully

  • Assured data sovereignty (using AI) and data integrity by using performing validations at three stages of cloud migration- Test phase, Pre-production and Post-production using applications and Infra team.

  • High speed data migration with zero downtime to the tune of no-failure 50,000 transactions/hour and provides complete support in the form of backup with 24/7 support infrastructure availability.

  • Ensures high-availability (99.9%) infrastructure

Partnership with Cloud4C for Application Modernization Partnership with Cloud4C for Application Modernization

Customer Success Stories

Over the past few years, we travelled together with many of the leading enterprises across the world in their application modernization journey. We allayed their fears, helped them Optimized and Automated Application Management.

Leading Middle-East Airport Partners with Cloud4C for Application Modernization on Azure

The Client

The client is a leading airport in the Middle East. An important transit hub for air travel, it hosts close to 15.5 million travelers annually. It is among top 10 global airports, in terms of punctuality and services.

The Challenge

The client had an on-premise infrastructure, with web applications distributed across platforms and servers. The workloads had to be integrated with multiple sources for seamless information management. Robust security and proactive risk mitigation processes were essential to safeguard the operations. The airport also needed a robust DR solution to ensure business continuity.

The Solution

Cloud4C migrated on-premise workloads to Azure PaaS for ease of maintenance and access to latest updates. The critical application workloads running multiple websites for the airport, were categorized in a 3-tier microservices architecture. The web-based frontend was hosted in Azure Application Service, supported by a middle Kubernetes based application tier and a backend Database tier residing on SQL Managed Instance. Airport application management lifecycle was completely automated with AIOps and DevOps integration. The client gained high performing applications and easy scalability with a pay-as-you-grow model of pricing.

Key Accelerators

  • Azure Benchmark and Services
  • Compliance ready processes
  • AI Ops powered services based on ITIL
  • DevOps and CI/CD processes
  • Azure Expert MSP


  • 99.9% Application Uptime
  • Efficient operations with automated application lifecycle management
  • Optimized cost with pay as you grow pricing
  • Robust DR is Azure region with stringent

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Path-breaking Azure Solution Based on Cloud Adoption Framework along with Application modernization Delivered for Nodal Ministry with Complex IT Environment

The Client

The client is a key ministry in the Government of one of the countries in Middle East, supporting 60 other entities, with complete ownership of maintenance of mission-critical shared services for network and IT infrastructure landscape. Shared services have been developed for use by government entities to increase efficiency, reduce effort, standardize procedures, and make the best use of ICT resources.

The Challenge

The client was apprehensive of cloud migration challenges given the criticality of shared services operations. Their ambitious digital transformation journey needed support and guidance at every step to build trust in cloud.

The client also had a number of web applications hosted on legacy operating systems that were not optimized for scale and agility. There were challenges in infrastructure maintenance and monitoring as well.

Azure Migration strategy had to take into account the scale, complexity and criticality of each of the Government Network (GN) and Shared Services (SS). Migration with zero disruption to business as usual required a phased approach.

The client was accountable for the sanctity and sovereignty of the IT environment for over 60 entities. As a custodian of sensitive data and mission- critical applications, supporting numerous end-user utilities and services, they needed foolproof security architecture.

The client had a highly heterogeneous on-premise landscape with complex networks, multiple databases and server platforms. The challenge was to design a similar build on Azure, ensuring ease of access, scalability, agility and high security.

The Solution

Cloud4C drafted a novel solution design in Azure migration to support the distinct requirements of the client. The path breaking solution design included greenfield deployment of 3 mission critical workloads along with migration of on-premise landscape. Cloud4C Expert Azure MSP teams delivered a unique three-layer architecture for a highly secure, scalable and available environment for client entities. The entire project was governed under a single SLA, with complete ownership and accountability. Our expertise and experience of over hundreds of cloud migration and ready frameworks ensured swift, fool proof and mature solution delivery.

Ally client’s fears about Migration to Azure - Our team of certified experts, leveraged from 23 CoEs, with their vast experience in over hundreds of cloud migrations, took complete ownership of the project, governed by a single SLA down to app level.

Phased Migration, No Disruption -Client’s 24/7 operation, mandated minimal downtime and disruption to business as usual. Our unique phased approach ensured necessary checks and balances and quality validations required for projects at such vast scale.

Unique & Customized - The client had a complex and vast landscape running on-premise, comprising of more than 20 databases, 6 NVAs, 2 next generation firewalls and over 100 VMs.The solution required massive customization and pushed the boundaries of the available Azure features. Our team designed a distinct solution architecture, recognized as a completely new approach by MS that included:

  1. Hub and Spoke Architecture
  2. Out of Box Third Party Integration – Unique customizations to existing APIs; managed instance integration to re-architect the on-premise landscape on Azure.
  3. Database modernization – The MS SQL, Oracle and other databases maintained on-premise servers had to be modernized and managed as PaaS with MS Azure.
  4. Multi-skill Expertise for Heterogeneous Environment

Customized Security Policies - Aligned to stringent government security guidelines. The security policies and certifications included ISO 270001, Azure Security Center (ASC), CIS and MIS. We deployed Sentinel on centralized workspace and integrated all Azure VMs without internet access using OMS gateway.

Application Modernization for Improved Performance

We configured App Services Environment to host web applications on Azure PaaS.  Our solution enabled auto scaling, real-time access to information and safeguard against bot crawlers, scanners and other malicious intrusions.

Backup Architecture

We delivered an independent, isolated and application-consistent backup architecture for reduced restoration time and quick return to running state. Both in-transit and at-rest data were encrypted. Azure backup was enabled for VMs hosted on Azure, SQL Server on Azure VM, and Azure File Share. Recovery Services vaults were used for short-term and long-term data retention, and alerts were set up with built-in monitoring and alerting capabilities. Geo-redundant storage (GRS) was deployed to replicate backup data for higher durability, in the event of any regional outage. Business Impact delivered

Business Impact delivered

  • Fully compliant, benchmark solution architecture for highly customised MS Azure Migration
  • AI based threat modelling for pre-emptive action, protecting IT landscape
  • 99.95% application level uptime with round the clock SME level monitoring
  • Uninterrupted operation with 24*7 monitoring and SMEs on call
  • Reduction in TCO by 40%
  • Zero disruption complex Azure Migration under single SLA

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  • Our infrastructure is setup for complex environments such as HANA Clusters. We have experience handling these applications with any custom requirements.

  • Handle application deployment in the environment of your choice

  • Backup and restore services for all your enterprise data

  • Leverage on our high-availability (99.9%) infrastructure

  • Disaster recovery of your applications within minutes of incident discovery

  • Scheduled patching and updating of your enterprise system with minimum disruptions

  • We help with your business continuity planning for your application in case of an incident

  • Support you can rely on - 24 X 7

Total control through  Cloud4C for Legacy Modernization Total control through  Cloud4C for Legacy Modernization


Working with a partner that you can trust takes the stress out of any transformation. Cloud4C continuously supports organizations in their transformation journey, providing not only the infrastructure, toolsets and technology but also the vast experience that they have garnered over thousands of migrations and transformations that they were part of.

Icon for Performance improvements by Legacy Modernization

Improving top line and bottom line

Performance improvements ~ 60% Support costs cut by up to 90%.

Icon for End-To-End Visibility Legacy Modernization

End-to-End visibility to encourage informed decisions

Through Cloud4C Migration factory, we assess the current situation and identify the approach for each application – Retire, Retain, Re-fabricate or Replace

Icon for Next-Generation Application Management Legacy Modernization

Next-generation Application Management

Application management powered by AIOps and injected with Design thinking, Agile and DevOps, Automated patching and more

Icon for Optimum application infrastructure Utilization Legacy Modernization

Optimum utilization of underlying infra

Quicker modernization and over 100% improvement in utilization of underlying infra