Tranquility with SAP workloads on AWS


SAP workloads. AWS platform. Cloud4C solutions. What happens when these three combine? YOUR ENTERPRISE GETS TOTAL-CONTROL

Cloud4C offers unmatched end-to-end migration solutions and managed services support to the AWS platform. That too, in no time with a cost-effective framework and with the most secure network.

End-to-End Services for SAP on AWS

Compute and Storage
  • SAP Certified AWS Virtual
    Instances for HANA and
  • Capability to Support 20 TB
    Scale up & 64 TB Scale out
  • Managed Premium Disk
    Meeting SAP Performance
  • AWS Shield
  • VPN/Direct Connect
  • AWS Application LB with WAF
Business Continuity
  • Backup with cross region availability
  • Disaster Recovery - Near Zero RPTO
  • Live DR Drills and DR Runbooks
SAP on AWS cloud complete services illustration
  • HANA, Sybase
  • Oracle, MAX DB
  • Cloud4C Security Frameworks for SAP Apps and DB
  • AWS Guard Duty and AWS Inspector
  • AWS IAM and Directory Services
  • Key Management and HSM
24x7 Operations and Maintenance
  • Migration Services
  • Automated Health Checks
  • Performance Tuning
Automated Deployments
  • SAP Apps and DB
  • Terraform, Ansible, FRUN
  • ARM Templates

In-House SAP Experts


SAP Customers


HANA Production Environments



AWS. SAP. Cloud4C. (Top as H2)

One SLA. Rapid deployment. Minimal downtime. Migration to AWS has never been simpler.

Enterprises are free to choose the OS/DB Platform such as Unix flavors, windows family, SAP HANA, Oracle, MS SQL, Sybase, MaxDB & DB2 .Cloud4C will customize any additional applications so that they can be moved to the cloud be it across any verticals like Manufacturing, Financial Services, Hi-Tech, Energy & Utilities and Consumer Products

Total control through SAP on AWS cloud deployment
Total Control that makes cloud work for you.

SAP workloads on the cloud have the same level of security as compared to their legacy SAP workloads through – Host Based Security, PIM, VA, SIEM. In fact, it’s more robust with Cloud4C’s Security Operating Center continuously monitoring SAP on AWS. This helps to detect and protect any cyber-security incidents. AWS offers stellar disaster recovery tool that enables enterprises to maintain business continuity and allow mission critical application to run effectively

You handle the Business. We handle compliance.

Realizing, compliance and regulations are a top priority for enterprises these days, we at Cloud4C ensure that SAP workloads meet all global regulatory compliances. After all, why should Enterprises invest their time, effort and resources in these matters when there are other important matters to focus on.

Our SAP Certifications

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