To survive in a dynamic AI-driven era, SAP hit yet another business milestone and launched Joule in September 2023. Going beyond the purview of just an AI tool, Joule is introduced as a powerful, next-gen generative AI SAP copilot, aiming to transform the way businesses operate, interact, and compete with SAP’s cutting-edge business applications and platforms This blog breaks down the world of Joule, offering an in-depth view into its features, capabilities, and benefits.

A Detailed Overview of Joule

Joule is a generative AI copilot integrated into SAP enterprise suite that offers proactive and contextualized insights from SAP applications and third-party systems. It is created to automate routinary labor-intensive tasks and deliver business outcomes in a secure and compliant manner.

ERP Management with Joule: How and What can it do better?

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How Joule Differs from SAP’s Conversational AI?

Before exploring the key differences between these two solutions, one thing businesses should be clear of- Joule is not a successor to SAP Conversational AI. Joule is exclusively designed to make business operations more streamlined and efficient, with a mission to maximize business growth.  

Conversational AI


Enables businesses to create and deploy chatbots

It is a natural language-based generative AI SAP copilot

Customers had to create the content

Customers get pre-defined best practice assistants as a part of their cloud subscription package

It is an independent chatbot framework

It is integrated directly into SAP applications

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How Does Joule Work?

Joule in SAP works on the principles of data contextualization. Data contextualization refers to the process of enriching raw data with additional information to make the data more meaningful and relevant. This is done by adding trends, background information, patterns, outliers to make the data more actionable and readable.

Joule relies on insights from corporate data, texts, and images from SAP systems to answer queries and process voice commands. Unlike other AI applications that depend on internet data, Joule harness proprietary data from SAP systems, guaranteeing complete data privacy and security.  

For instance, the supply chain manager gives a prompt to Joule, “Analyze the sales performance gaps in the last quarter.” Joule will analyze sales data and detect the underperforming areas. It will link this data to other manufacturing and business datasets to identify potential supply chain issues. Insights gathered from this analysis will be fed directly into the supply chain systems, providing an overview of the performance with suggestions and improvements.

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Joule in SAP SuccessFactors HXM

With Joule being integrated into SAP SuccessFactors, businesses can perform basic HR tasks autonomously. This includes automating tasks such as approving/rejecting time-off requests, changing names, personal pronouns, addresses, phone numbers, bank details etc.  Support and application management teams will have an upper hand as Joule will manage support related queries, streamlining and improving end user interactions. Integrating Joule into Success Factors’ in-built feature Job Analyzer can help in faster analysis of the job description texts and remove any unwanted terms or phrases. Other functionalities such as viewing pay slips, preparing holiday lists, and tracking check ins/outs are also supported by Joule. 

Joule in SAP Business Application Studio  

Launched at SAP TechEd 2023, SAP Build Code refers to a turn-key environment for streamlining application development starting from coding, testing, integrating, TO managing business applications. This includes combining runtime services, tools, and key design time as a singular, holistic offering. SAP Build Code supports the development environment of SAP Business Application Studio, including services and SDKs of SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). Developers use Joule to generate codes, including producing application logic from natural language descriptions. This helps in enhancing productivity, operational efficiency and improving the development process. Additionally, Joule can optimize developer journey through pre-built templates and guided experiences for building backend, full-stack, and mobile applications.

 Joule in Other SAP Applications

Joule has been embedded with SAP Start and will be officially launched in an Early Adopter Care program. It has the potential to transform the way users interact with SAP business systems, simplifying tasks at every touchpoint. By Q1 2024, Joule is expected to be embedded into SAP Customer Relationship Management, SAP Customer Experience, SAP Ariba Solutions, and SAP BTP. In the following months, it will be integrated into SAP S/4 HANA Cloud and SAP Public Edition. 

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Exploring the Features of Joule

Supports three conversational patterns

This includes: 

  • Navigational: Assists users to search for functionality.
  • Transactional: Automates completion of tasks efficiently.
  • Informational: Retrieves information from the existing documents. 

Integration with SAP Applications

Joule comes with a conversational user interface that can be easily embedded into SAP applications. This interface serves as a rich web client that offers assistant responses via SAP Fiori compliant UI controls.

Driving Enterprise-readiness

Supports out-of-the-box integration with other SAP backend applications, ensuring compliance with GDPR, SOC 2, AI and privacy policies, etc.

Offering Publish and Subscribe Mechanisms

By bundling the capabilities of the SAP solution suite, Joules can serve as a unique assistant.

Supporting Automatic Updates

Joules can get automatically upgraded whenever there is a change or addition of any new functionality or capability. 

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Business Benefits: A Glimpse into Joule’s Capabilities

Quicker workflows: Joule automates tasks across SAP applications with the help of an AI assistant. This results in enhanced productivity and operational efficiency across different functionalities such as procurement, inventory management, production planning, and finance.  

Advanced insights: Joule uses advanced and predictive analytics to offer on-demand, rapid, smart insights into the SAP ERP systems. This removes bottlenecks, ensuring effective decision-making through trend identification, outcome forecasting, and suggestions on suitable courses of action.

Better business outcomes: Automates routinary tasks such as writing catchy job descriptions, code generation, analyzing sales results, etc. Through automation, businesses can minimize operational costs related to SAP ERP management, such as production downtime, resource inefficiencies, and inventory carrying costs.

Complete control: Gain control over the entire decision-making process whilst ensuring data privacy and safety. Identifying risks and vulnerabilities in the SAP ERP systems, Joule empowers businesses to implement robust risk mitigation policies and strategies to address issues of fraud, data loss, and supply chain breaches. 

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The Path Ahead

Going forward, Joule will become an integral driving force of SAP. It will soon emerge as the de facto AI standard for all SAP applications, transforming ERP systems and processes with advanced GenAI integrations. Now it completely depends on organizations on how effectively they can capitalize Joule to deliver significant business value. One way to achieve this is to seek expertise from a leading managed services provider such as Cloud4C.

Delivering 600+ successful SAP transformation stories, Cloud4C has remained at the top of the game when it comes to reimagining businesses through SAP services and solutions. From consulting, implementation to migrating and managing complex SAP applications and workloads; Cloud4C’s SAP experts help in transforming businesses into intelligent, future-ready enterprises. Their capabilities extend to leveraging Gen AI innovations across the SAP ecosystems and applications.

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