The Value of AWS Well-Architected Review

At AWS, solution architects have leveraged their years of experience to put together a comprehensive set of best practices for architecting & running systems in the cloud and created the AWS Well-Architected. The AWS Well-Architected Review (AWS WAR) enables enterprises to evaluate their cloud infrastructure against the best practices even as their business needs and workloads evolve over time and circumstances. With AWS Well-Architected Review, enterprises can measure architectures and operations and identify areas of improvement.

More than 80% of enterprises adopt the recommendations that come from an AWS Well-Architected Review program.

Benefits of AWS Well-Architected Review by Cloud4C

Accelerated remediation of cost, performance, reliability, operations, and security related issues

Guidance on leveraging new AWS services and features that enhance the overall experience

Improvement in cloud usage by partnering with AWS-certified professionals who lead the well-architected review

Better understanding of the business impact of your design decisions in AWS

5 pillars of AWS Well-Architected Framework

The AWS Well-Architected framework helps build and operate secure, resilient, efficient, and cost-effective systems in the cloud. The AWS Well-Architected framework is based on five pillars: Operational Excellence, Security, Reliability, Performance Efficiency, and Cost Optimization and presents a set of foundational questions for reviewing proposed or existing architectures.

Operational Excellence Pillar

Provides guidance on defining standards to manage operations, improving processes, responding to planned/unplanned events, monitoring and running AWS workloads effectively.

Security Pillar

Focuses on protecting data & systems, controlling access (Identity and Access Management), identifying potential security threats, and mitigating the impact of security incidents.

Reliability Pillar

Addresses resiliency, availability, disaster recovery, ensuring AWS workloads perform their function correctly and consistently, mitigating/recovering from any infrastructure or service disruptions.

Performance Efficiency Pillar

Guides about selecting the right resource types, using computing resources efficiently, monitoring continuously to get optimal performance across all AWS workloads.

Cost Optimization Pillar

Emphasizes on avoiding overspending on cloud resources by analyzing, controlling, monitoring and spending right based on the business needs/requirements.

Sustainability Pillar

Design your AWS cloud architecture based on long-term societal, economical, and environmental business sustainability goals. Manage operations to save resources, implement software for consistent asset utilization and load management, and analyze data patterns for efficiency and sustainability.

Why Cloud4C?

Cloud4C is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner. With deep expertise in AWS, our certified AWS experts have architected, built, migrated several workloads to AWS following the AWS Well-Architected framework and best practices. Our AWS certified solution architects have assessed various client’s infrastructure for compliance with AWS Well-Architected guidelines and provided recommendations for remediation based on the audit reports.

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Cloud4C’s AWS Well-Architected Review (WAR): What you can expect

Architecture assessment
Our authorized AWS professionals work with key client stakeholders to assess the existing cloud architectures.
Report generation and recommendations
Using AWS tools and Cloud4C proprietary tools, we generate an in-depth report based on our collective findings and help client teams interpret this output into actionable recommendations.
Remedial support
Our certified AWS experts support clients in their chosen remediation paths/activities.

Scope of the AWS WAR

Cloud4C proposes an assessment of the client’s current cloud state using AWS Well-Architected Framework, cloud-native tools, and Cloud4C consulting approach. Introduction to the five pillars of AWS Well-Architected framework: Operational Excellence, Security, Reliability, Performance Efficiency, Cost and Optimization. How Cloud4C leverages AWS tools for gap(s) identification. AWS Landing Zone architecture validation (high level) against the best practice guidelines

After the conclusion of the review, Cloud4C delivers

Well-Architected Review Assessment Report
Cloud4C Recommendations
Remediations SOW (optional)

AWS Well-Architected Review Process

icon for workload review in aws well architected review framework

Identify the
workload to review

Then answer a series of
questions about your

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icon for aws review tool in aws well architected framework

AWS Well-architected tool

Review your answers against the five pillars established by the well-architected framework

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icon for reliability in aws well architected review framework


icon for security pillar in aws well architected review framework


icon for cost optimization pillar in aws well architected review framework



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Get videos and documentation related to AWS best practices

Generate a report that summarize your workload review

View the result of workload reviews across your organisation in a single dashboard

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icon for performance pillar outcome in aws well architected review


icon for performance pillar outcome in aws well architected review


icon for performance pillar outcome in aws well architected review


icon for performance pillar outcome in aws well architected review


Customer journey through the AWS Well-Architected Review

Customer journey through the AWS Well-Architected Review

Prior to the review:
The customer prepares information according to the requirements and selects priority workload(s). Cloud4C sets up a time for review, invites required stakeholders (IT/business representatives, AWS approved consulting partner ) for the review.
On the day of review:
3-6 hours of interactive Well-Architected Review (WAR) workshop that can be done on-site or remotely. Our AWS experts perform deep-dive assessments of identified workloads, also check for compliance against the five pillars of AWS WAR leveraging AWS Well-Architected Tool. Based on the assessment & audit, we identify some potential areas for improvement and some immediate cost savings measures to be taken.
Post review:
1-2 days of internal processing to create the WAR Report. The review report provides the view of alignment with the well-architected framework for the in-scope workload. 2-hour report walkthrough, presenting recommendations/Remediation plan for enhancing the cloud architecture for the chosen workload based on audit reports. A prioritized roadmap based on the AWS Well-Architected framework’s five core pillars and agree on the next steps with customers

Consistently evaluate your cloud infrastructure, performance, and availability

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Who should attend the workshop
Chief Information Officers (CIOs)
Cloud Compliance Professionals
Cloud Operations Profession
AWS Solution Architects

The Cloud4C Advantage

  • As AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, we offer a robust team of certified and authorized AWS professionals.
  • End-to-end WAR offerings – from assessment to identification, report generation, roadmap, and remediation.
  • Global cloud managed services for mission-critical workloads with stringent focus on compliance.

Our AWS  
Success Stories

a customer reviewing aws cloud workloads using aws well architected framework for an Indian software service provider

Senrysa Technologies, an Indian-based software service provider, gained a 20% increase in ROI due to AWS Well-Architected Solution, overcame security, latency issues, and achieved scalability, performance and agility.

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online bus company conducting aws well architected framework review for improved workload performance

A customized architecture built on the principles of AWS Well-Architected Framework lead Abhibus, a fastest-growing travel industry enterprise experience increased operational efficiency.

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Rainbow Hospitals (AWS WARF)

Leading healthcare group leverages Well Architected Review to gain complete visibility into HIMS and SAP applications hosted on AWS cloud

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AWS Well-Architected Review - FAQs

  • What is the AWS Well-Architected framework?


    AWS Well-Architected framework presents the design principles, best practices for designing and operating secure, efficient, cost-effective systems in the cloud.

    It provides an approach for evaluating your proposed or existing cloud infrastructure based on five pillars: security, reliability, performance efficiency, operational efficiency, and cost optimization.

  • What is AWS Well-Architected review?


    AWS Well-Architected Reviews use the AWS Well-Architected Framework to evaluate and remediate systems. The review is done by a cloud partner/MSP, or by a cloud engineer, who walks through a set of questions to check if the architecture and operations are aligned with AWS’s recommended practices.

  • What should be the frequency of AWS Well-Architected Reviews?


    It is recommended to have periodic (6-8 months) Well architected reviews of workloads. It helps optimize the cloud costs better.

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