These are testing times for people and organizations across the globe. This emergency has forced organizations to shut offices, halt travel and left employees with no option but to work remotely. We can’t sufficiently thank the “front-line fighters” defending us against this grave threat. Our thoughts and prayers are with affected people around the world.

CIOs of many organizations are facing unfamiliar circumstances
Organizations are facing a test of resilience in these difficult times.

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has pointed out that around 40 to 60% of small businesses never reopen following a disaster.

Leaders must realize that Health Pandemics (as unprecedented as the current one), Natural disasters (remember Australia bushfire?), security threats (like a ransomware attack), and other threats always remain a part of business reality; Planning for resilience must therefore always be a priority for CXOs.
There could be some of you realizing that your business continuity planning is not facilitating a smoother transition and may be slowly heading towards an emergency.

These last-minute rollouts are mounting enormous strain on already stretched IT teams and opening up doors for further risks including data breaches and other security threats. The last thing you want while avoiding a revenue loss is to expose your business to other risks such as data loss, identity threats security vulnerabilities.

It is challenging to sustain business-critical services due to the adverse impact on providers, personnel, travel restrictions and social distancing norms. Data centres, IT support services, IT Helpdesk - Everyone is affected.

Cloud based technologies have assisted organizations to get back on track; yet, people, process and skillset remain the key challenges for Business Continuity.

What are we doing to help?
At this point, organizations are held in a precarious position due to lack of workers and services; but, reliable business continuity services solution can help sustain business operations.

We, at Cloud4C, are operating our Communication and Collaboration solutions Center, AIOps based managed services, 24*7 Security Operations Centre and Network Operations Center, Cloud based remote back-up, , Cloud Delivery Centre and other CoEs (Centres of Excellence) on war footing, helping our existing customers and new businesses across the globe with their business continuity needs.

Over the past few days, we have undertaken mission-critical projects for many organizations to deliver business continuity solutions. We have delivered “Azure-based Windows Virtual Desktop environment” for a big customer in MEA; completed overnight deployment of “Remote working landscape using AWS” for a software development house in Asia” and other SOC related deployments.

Our military veteran CIO and passionate team of technology and business leaders are leading the in-house command and control centres. In-house architects, Security, DevSecOps, and Product Engineering team are toiling hard to maintain the “pace of project” without compromising on quality. Meanwhile, our Security orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) team are harnessing the power of RPA to reduce manual processes.

Connect with us if your organization can benefit from a technology intervention in these times; we can help you stem the tide and steer the business in a positive direction. Read more about our relevant solutions below.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
Disaster Recovery and Planning

We are here to help. If you are facing a challenge, feel free to reach out to our team of specialists.
Stay safe and stay at home.

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Team Cloud4C
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Team Cloud4C

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