“Coming together is beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”
- Henry Ford

There is no arguing that the world of business has grown increasingly volatile and unpredictable at the turn of the century. Today, we inhabit a world which is fast changing, tossing old assumptions and setting new normals everyday.

What is the key to business resilience in such circumstances? At Cloud4C, we believe that the key lies with people. And that is why, when it comes to our most valuable resource, our employees, our workforce, we put diversity and inclusion at the heart of it.

For us, diversity is not just a factor in the workplace checklist, but the force behind the work we bring on the table, the services we deliver to our clients, and the way we adapt, evolve and win, in a fiercely competitive business landscape.

Over the years, we have seen this getting positively reflected in multifarious ways through our day-to-day work and continued achievements. Employees will feel more engaged as they show up to work every day feeling safe, connected, and heard. They feel confident to speak up in conversations about work, strategy, breaking down systemic discrimination and bias.

Diversity and inclusion also allows for better problem-solving abilities as varying perspectives often approach business challenges in a new way. Diversity powers innovation and financial performance and consequently greater resilience in challenging times.

Some are great at solving complex and unstructured problems, some others have the ability to  think outside the box and challenge the status quo, and this may or may not be due to the different social backgrounds they come from. In the same way, some have a natural ability to communicate eloquently while there are others who keep calm and handle unexpected curveballs in their own way.

How we do it

Hiring for diverse backgrounds and promoting diversity initiatives is only a first step. Our initiatives go beyond the hiring process and provide equal opportunity and treatment throughout the employee journey. How?

We believe Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is a continuous process. To that end, we monitor and review our workplace practices on a consistent basis to eliminate unconscious bias. We facilitate feedback, track progress and reassess our company policies from time to time to promote equality and equity.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are not one-off efforts, they need to be worked on through sustained, continuous, structural changes in keeping with the evolving social and business landscape. We have set the benchmarks in DEI  and we are always on track to assess how our efforts are pushing the envelope. This will not only show leaders what strategies are working, and which ones not, but will also help in reaching their long-term goals.

DEI post pandemic

Diversity, equity, and inclusion receded from focus over the last few years, as they continue to address threats to business continuity and recovery. Certain industries have had significant lack of representation, especially of women, for a long time even before the pandemic, due to the challenges that working women face such as managing work and childcare.

But not us. We see the unprecedented pandemic situation as a fresh opportunity to promote workplace diversity and inclusion, to not only continue the conversation, but to implement and uphold more impactful strategies to see real DEI within our organization. Our workplace flexibility provides every employee with the opportunity to work fairly and equitably, whether they’re on-site, in the office, or working at home.

Let’s succeed, together

We commit to upholding a culture where we engage, retain and grow our people. We embed inclusive behaviors in our everyday business to inspire interesting, mind-opening conversations.

We create a compassionate and respectful workspace where everyone feels empowered to grow and prosper as individual professionals and as a team.

The world of work is ever changing and we are doing our part to nurture the culture we’ve built to navigate this successfully together. Join us to be an ally in the growth of Cloud4C and its work culture, and more importantly, you!

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Team Cloud4c
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Team Cloud4c

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