Hybrid Cloud

Public or On-premise, what’s right on AWS platform?

Enjoy the best of two clouds with Hybrid Cloud Solutions

With Cloud4C, leverage the AWS cloud capabilities in your enterprise with the power of the private and On prem cloud in sync.

That means a seamless exchange of data between both environments.

By end of 2019, at least 69% of giant enterprises embrace hybrid cloud, according to 451 research. Cloud4C is a pioneer in migrating and managing the legacy applications on to AWS platform that comes bundled with plethora of capabilities such as storage, deployment, security, networking, and managed tools.

Cloud4C Key Differentiators

  • Presence with hosting in more than 20 countries powers clients to handle data sovereignty challenges
  • Available Joint value proposition statements with detailed concepts for integrated Private/Public/OEM cloud offering

Experience the right combination for innovation

Cloud4C helps customers to choose the right combination of cloud services for a robust hybrid cloud environment. We provide security, network, management, and automation. We migrate and manage the legacy workloads on AWS effortlessly. Our certied AWS professionals support you throughout the digital transformation journey, and ensure that you select the highly scalable hybrid cloud model that aligns with your business goals, and budget.

Data Integration

At Cloud4C, customer satisfaction takes the centre stage. We eliminate vendor lock-ins and provide complete support for customers to leverage any latest tools to install on to their infrastructure, and the same would be backed up in real-time.

Integrated Resource and Deployment Management

VMware Cloud on AWS VMware on AWS is a native, fully managed VMware environment on the AWS Cloud that can be accessed on an hourly, on-demand basis or by subscription. It includes the same core VMware technologies that customers run in their data centers today including vSphere Hypervisor (ESXi), Virtual SAN (vSAN), and the NSX network virtualization platform to allow you to continue to leverage your investments in VMware without continuing to buy and maintain hardware.

VMware Cloud on AWS runs directly on the physical hardware to avoid nested virtualization, while still taking advantage of a host of network and hardware features designed to support our security-first design model.

Integrated Networking

The next layer of hybrid architecture involves connecting on-premises and cloud resources through a common network to facilitate the creation of a single enterprise environment. AWS can extend your on-premises network conguration into your virtual private networks on the AWS Cloud so that AWS resources operate as if they are part of your existing corporate network. You can also extend your physical connectivity to provide dedicated, consistent, private networking between your data centers and the AWS regions of your choice.

Integrated Security management

Establishing effective Security management strategy often goes hand-in-hand with integrating networks. You can create and manage AWS users, groups, and permissions to allow and deny access to AWS resources at extremely ne level of detail.

Get total-control. Total ownership.

Our cloud consultants will help the enterprises unlock the ways to get complete control over the hybrid cloud environment. The total ownership lies with customers without any vendor lock-ins, which enable them to scale up according to their business needs.

Reduce latency and legacy workloads.

All the mission-critical applications on multiple clouds will be coherent based on our cutting edge bi-modal integration model that reduces the latency. Given our strong expertise in migrating the legacy workloads to hybrid environment on AWS, Cloud4C delivers business value so that enterprises can carry out the operations without any frictions. Our cloud experts will continuously monitor your hybrid cloud environment on AWS to ensure that the mission critical workloads are secure.