For all businesses, data is the most valuable asset. No wonder there is a sense of growing urgency across all industries to create data-driven strategies for business progress and constant innovation. While that’s exciting, for many executives the prospect of making the most of business data is daunting as it entails several challenges.

You need data-driven transformation to forge ahead with confidence. Along this journey, you will come across challenges and encounter common pitfalls that needs to be avoided. In this blog, we uncover the drivers of data-driven innovation and transformation across various organizations - all powered by modernizing data processes on AWS.

How data is the fuel for innovation, growth and competitive advantage?

We start with the benefits of data process modernization.

Data-drive reinvention

Business leaders rely on data. They use it to make informed decisions and find ways that are proven and effective. With the advent of machine learning, leveraging data has never been easier.

Purpose-built databases

Unparalleled performance at much lesser cost of enterprise-grade commercial databases, AWS offers relational purpose-built databases. Each of these is uniquely designed to provide optimal performance for business-specific use cases. This means you never have to compromise.

Analytics for every use case

AWS offers the widest selection of analytics services. These are tailored to match different industries, customized to fit all your data analytics needs. AWS offers purpose-built services such as:

  • Data storage
  • Data lakes
  • Big data analytics
  • Log analytics
  • Streaming analytics

The best part is all these services come at the best price, performance and scalability.

Machine learning and AI services

No matter where you are in your machine learning journey, AWS allows your business to build, train, and deploy machine learning models at scale. In addition, AWS-pretrained AI services can help you add intelligence to your applications to address common use cases such as:

  • Personalized recommendations
  • Modernizing your contact center
  • Reducing fraud
  • Increasing customer engagement

Business Intelligence

Imagine being able to use natural language to ask questions so you can explore data through interactive dashboards, or look for patterns and outliers all powered by machine learning. All this is available to business users on AWS.

Data governance

To control access to the right data at the right time for the right user, organizations need effective data governance and access control. Consider the effort of building a data lake, it can take days. However, with AWS you can design your data lake in a matter of minutes. This capability includes the feature to create data catalogs automatically. Even more so, it provides an easy way to centrally define and manage security, governance, and auditing policies through a single pane.

Serverless databases and analytics

If you want to increase your agility and innovation, AWS enables you to shift more of your operational responsibilities. Serverless solutions allow you to build and run applications and services without servers, eliminating infrastructure management tasks. The best part is, with Serverless, you only pay as you go without having to worry about compute capacity.

The business benefits of AWS Data process modernization

Data Modernization

As you prepare to migrate to cloud, upgrading your data processes can help you get the most out of AWS cloud’s native capabilities. So, business benefits include accelerated innovation, lower costs, and being able to deliver impeccable customer experiences, in addition to:  

Additional Revenue

Modern data architectures and processes help reduce implementation time and cost while boosting business efficiency.

Eliminating Dependencies on Databases

The great thing about freeing up resources from database management and other maintenance aspects is that the team can now focus on the core business and work to improve customer experiences.  

Securing Data & Business

Any modern business needs to secure its data to drive better insights. AWS automates security functions and data privacy features out of the box.

Unlocking the power of AI & ML

Businesses like yours will need to create smart workflows, automate decisions and create personalized experiences while building cutting edge business models. It's no secret that to unlock the real value of your data you need AI & ML which AWS offers as a part of its service offerings.

Modernizing Data Processes on AWS: Our Approach

As we discussed previously, the key to data process modernization is modern, rational and intelligent architectures. It will unlock the value of your data. It is best to rely on one of the most trusted, reliable, scalable, and secure clouds out there – AWS. At Cloud4C, we have been doing this for a very long time and here's our approach.

Data Assessment

You need to conduct an in-depth assessment of your current data landscape when modernizing data processes on AWS. Our experts review and evaluate your data architecture and processes. We offer a roadmap for what needs to be done. Our recommendations and designs are based on the findings that we garner. We use these as a guide to reduce costs, improve customer experience and increase agility and interoperability.  

The Rehosting journey

The Cloud4C migration team will help you create a customized migration plan to smoothly shift your data to the cloud. We optimize cloud performance using a zero data loss zero risk approach to boost security and reliability once migration completed.

AWS Data Migration and you

A business will be able to extract valuable insights to drive business growth if they modernize their legacy database environments. This is why we begin by evaluating your existing database architecture, convert legacy tools to AWS native technologies, before migrating your data workloads to the AWS. Cloud4C offers you fully managed cloud-native databases and data services to free you from the toil of resource management and optimization so you can refocus on business growth.

Data Lakes & Warehouse Modernization

To be able to use their ever-growing mountain of data for intelligent applications, enterprises need to organize and integrate it. Whether it’s data from multiple applications or different data stores, we help you consolidate it. Cloud4C’s AWS Data Process Modernization empowers you to implement a complete data warehousing workflow, including migration and data ingestion to data lake storage and data warehousing analytics.  

Build Foundation for AI-based Applications

Our AWS-certified data experts use data to extract valuable insights and accelerate time-to-market. We ensure success by laying optimized data foundations for your ML-based applications and more. Our approach future-proofs your migration. We prepare your data to power applications that can help you tap into new revenue and market opportunities.  

Modernize your data with AWS

Data modernization is essential for enterprises that want to accelerate their cloud migration journey. At Cloud4C, we help companies optimize data processes, and environments to address ever evolving business requirements. Our AWS Data Modernization services enable you to build fast, hyperscale, cloud-native databases to process data real-time to benefit from granular insights.

We understand how modernizing data goes beyond technology and involves creating a unified strategy. It must align with business goals. This is why we audit the existing data infrastructure, examine the gaps, and offers a tailored, process-led plan and roadmap. We begin by exploring your business problems to the root. Eventually, our goal is to manage and optimize services on AWS. We want to help you boost business, increase agility, reduce time to value, and improve customer experience.

Keep pace with evolving business requirements and scale in the most optimized, cloud-native way. Get in touch with us to know more.

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Team Cloud4C

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