The cloud revolution is redefining how businesses function. Organizations are not showing the initial inertia towards cloud migration, now that the transformation has become much needed. Thousands of enterprises have embraced the cloud and thousands more are on their way to do the same.

But, as cloud adoption explodes, the model being connected via the public internet falls short of the scalability, security, and high-performance networking demands to attain complicated, exhaustive business objectives. Today’s enterprise WAN strategies demand greater integration with cloud platforms and cloud-powered solutions complemented by a steep rise in hybrid and multi-cloud needs. The public internet-based SaaS model simply doesn’t allow the peak performance, from center till edge levels to adequately deliver the augmented networking demands. A change is imminent.

Cloud4C Cloud Connect offers a solution to the above.   Using Cloud Connect, enterprises can establish direct access or private connections between their core IT ecosystems and partnered cloud vendors, as-a-service providers, on-prem data centers, and edge environments via universal software-defined networking interfaces.

What is Cloud Connect?

Cloud Connect is an access service that offers dedicated connectivity to the cloud infrastructure, completely bypassing the public internet. It enables private connections to multiple Cloud Service Providers (CSP) or Software-as-a-Service Providers (SaaS). It provides convenient and cost-effective direct access to the leading Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) with multiple bandwidth options. Cloud Connect also allows enterprises to deploy dedicated connections, seamlessly manage deployed private networks with automated services, and configure networking requirements.

A Dedicated Connection to Push Your Business Towards Accelerated Growth

Cloud4C Cloud Connect comes with a superior network connectivity which instantly eliminates the troubles arising from public internet connection. These private connections integrate cloud services and applications with your IT infrastructure. The connection is also secure with constant monitoring of user behavior and data flow. It eliminates the risks of DDoS and other security issues that frequently occur with public internet connection.

Cloud Connect should be a preferred add-on for a complete network solution as it connects to all major CSPs. It is reliable, fast, and highly secure private access that provides direct access to third-party public and private cloud providers through your existing networks. Accelerated growth is no longer a dream as you have consistent availability, accelerated performance and built-in security standards at your disposal. Everyone who is a part of your organization will thrive to achieve better and higher standards that will ensure faster growth and superior innovation.

The Cloud Connect Advantage

Cloud4C Cloud Connect gives you reliable and secure access to your mission-critical data and comes with multiple benefits.

Simple and Reliable

Cloud Connect doesn't come with complications and is easy to setup. Cloud4C team would streamline your cloud and network requirements to ensure that your operations continue without pauses. Public connectivity can come with issues that cannot be foreseen in advance. Compared to this, the Cloud Connect setup is very reliable, and organizations can carry on their functions without anticipating unpredictable downtimes and runtime issues.

Enhanced Security

Connecting to CSP on the public Cloud can leave you vulnerable to cyberattacks. With Cloud Connect, you can mitigate these risks and make your cloud infrastructure more secure. It is secure, private, and free from risks when your architecture is connected to the public Cloud. It offers a kind of connection that remains exclusive to you and is not to be shared with anyone else. 

Financially Sustainable

Public cloud networks often go down with unforeseen downtimes, networking speed delays, and more. Keeping this in mind, IT teams have to keep additional resources (including funds) to deal with such circumstances. Contrary to this, Cloud Connect with an economically sustainable model runs on the OpEx model, billed as per the client's requirements. Using this feature, the clients always know where their money is and how much they are saving.

Safer for Collaborating and Data Sharing

Since Cloud Connect creates a private connection, data flow doesn't depend on going through the public internet anymore. Now that your data is already migrated to AWS, Azure, GCP, or Oracle and is being accessed through Cloud Connect, your team can access it from anywhere, anytime, without the worries of someone snooping or tracking your movements. This addition eliminates most of the room for data loss or compromise. 

Security Benefits of Cloud4C Cloud Connect

While there are security benefits of Cloud Connect that we have read above, Cloud4C’s advanced offerings deliver an additional layer of protection:

  • The connection is free from common security vulnerabilities
  • Specialized protection against DDoS, DoS, and other attacks targeting traffic
  • Innovative self-healing and Advanced MDR, Endpoint Detection solutions for networking landscapes
  • Cloud4C security team would provide measures to monitor traffic and user behavior regularly and mitigate any issues in the beginning stage itself
  • 24x7 support to resolve security breaches

Don't Be Just Another Business on Cloud – Get Cloud4C Cloud Connect and Embrace the Cloud’s Full Transformation Potential

With Cloud4C by your side, put rest to all your cloud connect hassles. Cloud4C extends end-to-end network and Cloud managed services with state-of-the-art security, allowing enterprises to gain a complete comprehensive multi-cloud and multi-ecosystem networking services; connecting to any cloud provider of choice or SaaS solution provider. Cloud4C allows firms to leverage fully AIOps-powered, Automation driven managed services, from root networking infra to the app login layer at a single SLA, upto 99.95% availability. Our highly trained network engineers and cloud specialists deliver anytime, anywhere support with ease. The bouquet of services is fully compliant with national and international standards, allowing firms to remain cognizant with data sovereignty and governance policies. Cloud4C is your one stop partner to fulfill all Cloud Connect and cloud networking needs.

Realize your multi-cloud, multi-regional presence seamlessly at near-zero disruption and maximum ROI with Cloud Connect Services. Book an appointment today!

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