As a business leader, if your goals are to transform into an intelligent enterprise of the 21st century, you must go beyond using spreadsheets for analysis and planning. For this, you must get trustworthy and immediate insights to take your data-driven decision making and enterprise planning to the next level.

Imagine a platform that could give you comprehensive in-memory data management and analytics that offer smart, contextual insights. A solution that would enable faster decision-making without the need for expert intervention that’s affordable, available, and scalable.

You don’t have to imagine it anymore. SAP Analytics Cloud allows you to harness the analytics you require under one platform.

Learn from the past for a stronger future

To achieve success in business, it is crucial to make strategic, operational, and tactical decisions. However, to make informed decisions, users require access to analytics that provides business intelligence, prediction, and planning capabilities. SAP Analytics Cloud is a solution that enables all decision-makers to access real-time contextual insights to enhance business outcomes.

SAP Analytics Cloud provides valuable insights that support business decisions. It delivers information on historical trends, current situations, and future projections to decision-makers, guiding them towards optimal business value. The solution combines the industry's leading business intelligence system with enterprise planning, powered by artificial intelligence, machine learning technology, and predictive analytics.

Go beyond disconnected Planning tools

Using SAP Analytics Cloud eliminates the need for disconnected planning tools and standalone reporting spreadsheets, streamlining organizational strategy alignment. The solution integrates seamlessly into users' familiar work context, enabling stakeholders to make more confident, contextual, and complete decisions. This positions businesses to increase their agility and power through competitive innovation, paving the way towards becoming an intelligent enterprise.

SAP Analytics Cloud allows embedding planning and analysis directly into processes supported by enterprise applications, bringing insight to the point of decision, streamlining workflows, and turning smart insight into smart action. It uses natural-language processing technology to search decision-support content and empower employees to make confident predictions and forecasts without requiring assistance from experts or data scientists.

Not just for the C-suite

Business users need access to real-time, contextual insights that drive agile decision-making and that’s exactly what SAP Analytics Cloud provides through a comprehensive, integrated solution. It combines business intelligence, enterprise planning, and predictive analytics, all powered by AL and ML.

It’s a single solution that provides analytics for all users, offering reporting, predicting, and planning capabilities in one high-performance, in-memory system. This can enable the discovery of new insights and to decision-makers in context with minimal investment or risk.

One of the biggest benefits of SAP Analytics Cloud is the ability to eliminate standalone reporting spreadsheets and disconnected planning tools. This allows stakeholders to access everything within a familiar workspace. This enables comprehensive, contextual, data-driven decision-making, empowering businesses to embrace agility and speed along with competitive innovation.

Get smarter with intelligent insights

Another key feature is that SAP Analytics Cloud offers board and CXO-level analytics through the SAP Digital Boardroom - it’s a unique capability tailored to what business leaders are looking for. Through an interactive, touch-screen experience, this dashboard presents information visually and intuitively. Smart leaders understand the past, keep an eye on the present and anticipate the future, all while monitoring the business to drive growth and transformation.

With SAP Analytics Cloud, the C-suite go beyond mere data and adapt intelligence across the business on a single platform for a consistent user experience. It adheres to the cutting-edge user experience and usability standards while delivering superior value. In addition, SAP Analytics Cloud provides end-to-end data management tools and analytics that support data access, transformation, and governance. With data privacy laws tightening all over the world, this is more important now than ever. In addition, the platform scales to meet changing business needs and runs on the enterprise-grade, Big Data ready SAP Cloud Platform.

Be ready for a mobile-first, user-centric, AI-driven world

Innovative mobile apps capitalize on the strengths of SAP Analytics Cloud. The platform and its apps can be tailored to meet your specific business needs. This means any one can contribute. Users gain access to the collective intelligence of one of the world's largest clouds for business applications, where more than 150 million customers reveal new insights, establish new benchmarks, and share new best practices.

It empowers everyone to seek new insights revealed by AI, putting it in front of the right people at the right time, augmenting familiar business intelligence and enterprise planning with ML and predictive analytics. The huge benefits of these are that by embedding planning and analysis directly into processes supported by enterprise applications, employees can learn about relevant patterns and trends as they perform their daily work. This turns smart insight into smart actions, instantaneously.

SAP Analytics Cloud enables employees to automatically guide data discovery and explore formerly invisible drivers and key performance indicators. The latest predictive tools empower users to forecast potential outcomes with the push of a button. Empowering all employees to work towards confident predictions and forecasts with unprecedented ease is the key to unlocking business agility and growth.

Become an Intelligent Enterprise with Cloud4C

While analytics looks simple, they aren’t. Deploying the right platform is a make-or-break proposition. One mistake and you could end up wasting time and money. This is where the right partner can make things so much simpler for you.

Managed service providers take the pain out of the complicated ecology of applications and choices. At Cloud4C, we have two decades of experience in this. As experts, we can help you deploy SAP Analytics Cloud through an industry-leading implementation methodology. With our help, you can take your organization to a higher plane when it comes to decision-making tools. Say yes to the age of analytics, thrive with the power of data to outmatch your competition today. At Cloud4C, we are eager to help you realize your dreams so just talk to us.

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