What comes to your mind when you think about South Korea? BTS, Blackpink, Gagnum Style, Ramyeon, K-beauty, K-pop, K-dramas, etc. While this is a testament to South Korea’s growing soft power or the Hallyu wave, its technological achievements are a lesson worth taking inspiration from. Once an agrarian economy, today South Korea has transitioned into a technological powerhouse, giving the world some of the most path-breaking innovations like the first software Braille translation, Open Leading Electric Vehicles (OLEVs), the world’s first 5G infection control robot Keemi and everyone’s raging favorite PUBG. Ranked second as the most technologically advanced country across the globe, its capital Seoul is the perfect embodiment of digital cultures and human relationships coexisting together. Housing behemoths like Samsung, Naver, Hyundai, and LG; the country has now set their eyes on leading the global AI revolution.

CUBOX: AI For People

Nestled in the dynamic district of Seoul called Gagnum, CUBOX, a famous biometrics company, is revolutionizing the way people think and use AI. Motivated by their motto “AI for people”, its highly advanced AI face recognition technology and biometrics have transcended every industry, including airports, construction, financial services, F&B, and much more. Leading successful projects like the Automated Border Control (ABC) systems, e-Gates at Incheon Airport, and Multifactor Verification Access (MFA) systems at Government complexes, the company wants to put its solutions on the global map. However, an impending challenge was widening the gap between their goal and ambition.

In the Pursuit of the Best AWS Consulting Partner: How Did CUBOX Arrive at Cloud4C?

Driven by a strong aim to establish an R&D center in Russia, CUBOX wanted to expand its global footprint across the APAC, MENA, European, and North American regions. However, to initiate such an ambitious undertaking, the company was stuck in a big conundrum: Choosing the right Cloud MSP for their business. What they were looking for was a cloud environment that supported AWS capabilities and equipped them with flexibility and scalability to comply with global compliance standards. They were in search of an AWS managed services partner that enjoyed a strong local presence across South Korea and helped them unlock the full potential of their IT systems. By offloading the burden of managing and maintaining their IT infrastructure and operations to an MSP, CUBOX wanted to meet their core business objectives like Big Data/Query, ad hoc based heavy consumption on GPU, etc.

After debilitating on multiple options, CUBOX finally settled on Cloud4C. Being a leading and certified AWS consulting partner with a long-term market presence across 25 regions, Cloud4C enabled agile deployment and cost optimization capabilities for CUBOX.

Without much further ado, let's delve into how the biometrics company benefitted from the long-standing partnership with Cloud4C.

Cloud4C and CUBOX: The Beginning of a Game-Changing Partnership

Cloud4C chalked out a robust adoption roadmap to align people, processes, and technology with Cubox’s business objectives. Post-assessment, Cloud4C leveraged AWS’ groundbreaking AI, ML and IoT capabilities on a compliant, scalable architecture that enabled application modernization, data intelligence, cybersecurity, and infra-health monitoring. The experts at Cloud4C developed a holistic framework with AWS Core, AWS IoT Core, AWS IoT Analytics, and AWS IoT Device Management.

AWS IoT Core:

CUBOX is known to leverage highly advanced AI Deep Learning-based technologies that rely on their exclusive domain knowledge and huge data repository. Cloud4C assisted CUBOX in executing reliable and secure connections between their datasets and the cloud. This helped in simplifying device integration and facilitating a seamless flow of data.

AWS IoT Analytics:

To help CUBOX gain important key insights from their data repository, Cloud4C deployed AWS IoT Analytics to help the company process, analyze, and conceptualize real-time data for optimized application performance and effective data-driven business decisions. Due to this, CUBOX’S engineers gained unified visibility into their data, attaining higher levels of accuracy in their face-recognition applications.

AWS IoT Device Management:

By enabling AWS IoT Device Management, Cloud4C assisted CUBOX helps to organize, monitor, and remotely manage IoT devices at scale. In this way, the biometrics company could effectively and securely track device fleet health, monitor trends, troubleshoot, and shoot updates at scale.

Managed services Support:

Cloud4C offered managed services support on Amazon Web Services (AWS) AI, Machine Learning, and IoT for biometric and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in CUBOX’s public cloud. We also streamlined the management of CUBOX’s public cloud, because of which we were able to enable their scalability, agility, and cost optimization capabilities. At the same time, Cloud4C’s AWS Centers of Excellence ensured IoT compliance and implemented the best practices.

Reaching for the Stars: How Cloud4C Helped CUBOX Achieve its Goals

By reinventing their IoT initiatives, CUBOX achieved some remarkable benefits like:

Enhanced Visibility into application development workflows. Higher productivity and simplification, contributing to overall cost optimization. Augmented efficiency, lower costs and increased agility in an ad hoc robust environment
Enriched in-depth insights into application design for rapid deployment By deploying AWS's pay-as-you-go model, CUBOX paid only for the resources they used, resulting in precise financial planning and allocation of resources. Powering insights from AWS IoT Analytics, CUBOX optimized the performance of their AI and face-recognition applications.

Want to Script your Next IoT Success Story on Cloud? Get Started with Cloud4C

Did you know that 80% of executives have emphasized that IoT is critical for their business? But here comes the twist. 75% of them favored the use of a managed service partner to supervise their IoT projects. Now, let’s be real. A do-it-yourself approach might not always yield the complete and true value of your IoT projects. You need a partner who brings together technology, culture, and innovative solutions to help you achieve desired business objectives and make your IoT initiative a big hit.

Cloud4C, as a leading application-focused AWS Managed Services Provider in the world, offers end-to-end AWS solutions, including its exclusive industry migration approach that contributes to more than 50% TCO savings. Our AIOps-powered managed AWS cloud solutions are designed to deliver optimized operations all the time. Coupled with this, our dedicated AWS Centers of Excellence deploy world-class automation, AI, RPA, Big Data, and data intelligence to make informed data-driven decisions. By establishing IoT and edge networks across multi-hybrid cloud environments, we have transformed 4000+ companies into digital-enabled and digital-first enterprises.

Pioneering a legacy of more than 12 years as an AWS Cloud Managed Services Provider in APAC, America, and MEA, our CUBOX success story is a testament to our expertise and end-to-end capabilities.

If you want to empower your business with the next-gen AWS Managed Service Provider, you can get in touch with us now!

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Vamsi Karnati

Architect - AWS

As a certified AWS architect, Vamsi helps organizations blueprint their AWS journeys, assessing existing workloads and developing a custom solution on the cloud. His keen technical expertise ensures that every migration or modernization exercise on AWS is achieved fool-proof at zero data loss.

author img logo
Vamsi Karnati

Architect - AWS

As a certified AWS architect, Vamsi helps organizations blueprint their AWS journeys, assessing existing workloads and developing a custom solution on the cloud. His keen technical expertise ensures that every migration or modernization exercise on AWS is achieved fool-proof at zero data loss.

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