Ayurveda is a way of life in India, not only a medical practice. With the Ayurvedic and herbal wellness market rapidly expanding, its market share is predicted to increase to more than US $9.5 billion by 2024. This is a significant leap. E-commerce platforms have been critical in bringing Ayurvedic products to the wider population. Even major businesses like Dabur are foraying into the e-commerce space, powered by agile cloud foundations.

This has been achievable due to the technological transformation that Ayurveda companies are undergoing, thanks to cloud services like AWS (Amazon Web Services) and cloud managed providers like Cloud4C. The following story highlights a similar inspirational transformation, how a leading Ayurvedic retailer embraced cloud to put the ancient, elusive elixir at the choice of fingertips.

Trials and Tribulations of an Ayurveda Store’s Journey to Cloud

Offering a diverse range of Ayurvedic medicines, like soothing balms, nourishing superfoods, and rejuvenating powders, this Ayurvedic e-commerce store operates out of India, while maintaining substantial presence abroad. Their customer base extends throughout the nation, and their product catalog is replete with authentic herbal solutions.

Following the pandemic, there’s been a phenomenal increase in awareness about personal wellness and hygiene maintenance. For Indians especially and many abroad, Ayurvedic products come in as a favored option promising nature’s healing touch with little or no side effects. The above retailer, an already renowned player, hence experienced an abundance of demand that stressed its online portal. The latter was never ready for such disruptive flux. Some of the critical issues that required fast fixation were:

  • Integrating modern technologies and frameworks for frictionless online experiences.
  • Supply chain disruptions.
  • Lack of standardization and limited research.
  • The need for hyper-agility, enterprise-grade security.
  • Database backup and data recovery solutions.
  • Infrastructure that is scalable as per growing influx.
  • Inadequate email solution which wasn’t filtering spam and slowing down responsiveness to client services.
  • Outdated OS that required updating.

Moving to cloud was indeed the best option, a hyperscale advanced IT foundation paired with native digital services could transform their ecommerce operations. AWS turned out to be the best fit for the Ayurvedic retailer, requiring an experienced AWS Managed Services Provider (MSP) like Cloud4C to implement the evolution journey successfully.

Cloud4C, an AWS Advanced Tier Services partner with Migration competency, initiated the following:

  • Initial assessment of the existing infrastructure based on Well Architected standards. A Proof of Concept (PoC) was assigned to analyze their cloud readiness.
  • Blueprinting a disruption-free migration strategy for existing workloads (infrastructure, application, data, and workplace solutions) to the AWS environment.

A Mission-critical Transformation Made Easy with AWS and Cloud4C

In the transition to AWS, the strategy focused on seamless deployment, beginning with Cloud4C revamping the IT architecture on the AWS Cloud platform. The exercise aimed for hyper-agile performance, scalability, and top-notch security.

Once the core was established on AWS, attention turned to aligning mailboxes and operating systems. Commvault Backup and Recovery ensured robust backup for mailboxes, scaling from 300 to 1000 by 2022, with a 30-day retention period. Additionally, Cloud4C facilitated the use of personal Windows OS licenses, simplifying admin access and file sharing while adhering to compliance rules.

Ensuring a scalable and agile system, AWS Multi-AZ Solution fortified business operations, providing enhanced security for critical data, even in the face of Exchange DB Instance failure or loss of an availability zone. This comprehensive approach marked a seamless transformation, addressing the core needs of the Ayurvedic store on the AWS platform. This collaborative effort led to remarkable outcomes, including

  • 99.9% uptime,
  • Improved backup, mail retention, and anti-spam functionality, and
  • Efficient 24x7 operation, all achieved within a week's time

Ayurveda Healing Enriched with Cloud Technology: A New Era of Transformation

The story of this Ayurvedic giant in India is just the beginning. As technology continues to advance, and our understanding of Ayurveda deepens, this can lead to more exciting developments. Now backed by AWS cloud, the store can start indulging in modern technologies like:

Ayurvedic TeleMedicine:

Telemedicine extending quality Ayurveda clinical expertise to Tier 2 and 3 cities, in addition to rural area.

Ayurvedic Clinical IT:

Cloud-based clinical IT system that can host lakhs of Ayurveda clinical services providers, enhancing data accessibility across dispersed geographies

Value Chain

Leveraging cloud across the value chain of Ayurveda products and services for quality and efficiency for all stakeholders.

Big Data Analytics:

Cloud-driven analytics for consumer insights, market identification, and streamlined operations.


Cloud-Enabled Success: How AWS and Cloud4C Paved the Way

Cloud4C’s experience of more than 12 years, as one of the most trusted AWS managed services providers, played a pivotal role in the Ayurvedic Stores’ cloud journey. As an Advanced Tier Services partner with 7+ competencies and certifications, what sets us apart was our Automated AWS Migration Factory approach to accelerate the retailers cloud journey with innovative, automation tools, with maximum impact, and agile delivery at lowest possible costs. The Multi-AZ deployments ensured the durability of the SSD-backed, virtualized storage layer that is purpose-built for database workloads, reducing the downtime to a few seconds in case of DB failure. While also offering 24/7 support backed by certified AWS experts.

Contact us to know more about our AWS-specific solutions and services, architecting mission-critical technology evolutions cost-effectively without risk!

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Ravi Kumar R


Ravi Kumar R Oversees and manages critical AWS transformation projects, ensuring the same are delivered at zero friction and near zero disruption to business as usual. He consults customer teams to ensure proper value delivery on their transformation exercises.

author img logo
Ravi Kumar R


Ravi Kumar R Oversees and manages critical AWS transformation projects, ensuring the same are delivered at zero friction and near zero disruption to business as usual. He consults customer teams to ensure proper value delivery on their transformation exercises.

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