Disaster Recovery as a Service

Disaster Recovery (DR) as a Service market anticipated to reach US$ 11.71 Billion by 2022, reports The Business Research Company (TBRC).

Less than 10% of companies survive a disaster without a DR plan (Source: Invenio IT Study). Everyday 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is created and any potential loss to it due to natural calamities, system downtimes, power outages is humungousand the dollar impact of it is beyond comprehension. This calls for a need for backup services, DRaaS services and a robust Business Continuity Plan to start with.


The USP of Cloud4C is the out-of-the-box solutions being offered by them which helped us to quickly set up our Business Continuity Program.

1200+ DR drills successfully completed
Zero Data Loss Disaster Recovery solutions
Robust framework using industry standards - IT BCP Compliance ISO 22301
500+ large enterprise IT DR customers
24x7x365 monitoring of DR setup with ownership of DR SLA.
4 tiered cloud-based recovery services with customised DR capacity
Application driven RPO and RTO on minute-to- minute basis
Any cloud, Any platform, Any complexity - High Availability

However miniscule the downtime might be, it affects the revenue, brand image, customer satisfaction and lost opportunities to stay ahead of the competition. Imagine downtime in organizations such as hospital chains, stock exchanges, banks etc. Quantifying the loss is in itself a terrifying task here.

With evolving threats penetrating the world of technology at an alarming rate, enterprises are turning to cloud backup and recovery solutions to protect their most sensitive data. Data protection has now become a dynamic demand for enterprises to stay one step ahead.

As a market leader in maintaining highly available environments, however complex the environment might be for thousands of enterprises all over the word, Cloud4C provides a simple, cost-effective, modern data backup and recovery strategies with DRaaS frameworks custom-designed to meet the demands of enterprises to bring resilience to business models by delivering uninterrupted services.


Cloud4C is Reg-Tech company with security SLA around Audit and compliances globally such as IRAP, FedRAMP, also offering a single SLA 99.99% up to Application layer.


Disaster Recovery Services for On-prem and Co-location

With the Cloud4C Disaster Recovery as a Service, you get all the security without having to setup Dour own, in-house IT Disaster Recovery plan and the DR facility to support it. With multi-availability zones and datacentres at multiple locations, both your applications and websites are up and running all the time inspite of any event such as disasters, load spikes, planned downtimes, software/hardware upgrades or for maintenance.

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Disaster Recovery services on any Private/Public Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud4C provides your primary production environments running on cloud, preconfigured hardware, maintenance, and support associated with your DR requirements. We have the right cloud-based solution ensuring near-zero downtime for mission-critical workloads of a business. With 20+ centers of excellence and 2000+ skilled cloud experts, your disaster recovery plans and scenarios are comprehensive.

Backup and Recovery

Backup as a Service

We implement strategies that help reduce your backup footprint using a method of deduplicating data at each node, job, and site. As a result, you get speed backup and faster recoveries. Cloud4C is known for its global deduplication systems that efficiently execute bare metal recoveries.

Recovery Services from Cloud4C

  • Hot Disaster Recovery

    This involves a quick Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO). RTO refers to the maximum length of time that your given application can be offline. RPO refers to the maximum acceptable duration of time during which data may be lost from your application due to any major incident. Hot DR is ideally used and absolutely vital for Mission Critical applications such as core financial and banking applications.
  • Warm Disaster Recovery

    Focus on applications and infrastructure with a slightly higher RPO and RTO. May involve non-core banking applications, DMS, MOSS and print and file servers.
  • Cold Disaster Recovery

    This has a slightly higher side of data recovery time compared to the Hot and Warm DR, involving a higher RTO and RPO. Used ideally for Non Critical applications.

True Ownership & Tailored Solutions

Cloud4C embodies only the best practices to leverage the cloud for disaster recovery. From implementing, configuring, maintaining, and testing, we give you fully-managed DRaaS so your IT resources don’t have to worry. We provide you with the platform, tools, documentation, and process management in support of goals and guarantee restoration up till the primary site, post DR.

We provide customised DR solutions based on the criticality and impact on business of each workload while assuring end to end ownership and SLA-based commitments for predictable results including recovery during DR times and resumption after DC stabilisation.

Failover Assistance

Cloud4Cs highly specialized team would plan the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO), for greater agility.

We put a digital strategy in place by codifying the steps that enable enterprises to withstand unexpected outages as Cloud4C strategy.

Failover from your data center to Cloud4C’s cloud or, if your production workloads are already in Cloud4C’s cloud, we use cloud-to-cloud replication to another cloud environment in a different location.

24*7 Globalized Support

Cloud4C helps deploy your web presence across high availability clusters in the green (group) datacentres and pods setup globally so that if a primary location ever goes offline, a secondary location will kick into action in a manner that is seamless and transparent. The end-user experience is par excellence as a result and business never skip a beat.

Supported OS & Databases

At Cloud4C, we support a wide range of operating systems, including various version of Linux and Windows. Businesses require customized solutions like having a cost efficient non-engineered DR for an engineered system, however speed remains critical. We offer innovative solutions for databases that require large VMs and are bound by licenses to physical systems.

  • Production-grade systems to support Oracle, SQL Server, HANA and other databases including open source such as Cassandra, MongoDB, Hadoop and more

  • Network support for data throughput speeds up to 160 GBPS

  • Support for very large virtual machines

  • Support for physical servers within your secure cloud footprint

  • Available solid state disk within your secure cloud environment

Cloud4C Expertise in DRaaS Tools

Architecture Support

Our comprehensive Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solutions are designed to be flexible enough to work with complex, hybrid systems, and to scale up and down based on your needs, addressing a full range of recovery time and recovery point objectives (RTOs/RPOs).

Runbook Creation & Maintenance

With Cloud4C’s well planned, coordinated, and tested disaster orchestration you can have a dramatic impact on reducing the amount of downtime for any type of micro- or macro-disaster. We give you the confidence of knowing that you can recover from anything thrown your way by taking complete responsibility and accountability of creating and maintaining your runbooks.

We support you in setting up recovery groups in runbooks to simplify the management and execution of your DR plan.

Automated Solutions for Disaster Recovery

We offer agent-less, script-less and a multi-tenant software integrated with our managed services platform that gives you the added edge of having a fully-customizable orchestration for applications, DB recovery over cloud or enterprise DR. You get to experience the power of a complete DR framework with single click switchover, switch back or failover.

Cloud4C enables customers to manage and monitor the application recovery with automated switchovers and DR drills. You can monitor MPO, data lag and recovery time while automating end-to-end application recovery in case of DR in a single click.

Security and Compliance

Disaster Recovery is a complex and multi-faceted operation and during a disaster, all your resources and energies are focused to ensure a speedy and complete recovery. However, security attacks and data breaches are more likely to happen when you are in the most vulnerable state. That why it’s of paramount importance that systems and data are always secure (at rest or in transit), especially during a DR operation.

Cloud4C frameworks, methodologies, processes and people are pre-compliant with leading regulations and standards in the industry and in different geographies. This is why you can trust us to manage and augment your Business Continuity programs.

DRaaS Framework for Self-service Clients

The self-service DRaaS framework is ideal for clients with existing DR plans and replication expertise. If you wish to share the responsibility of configuration activation, plan creation and replication methodology or even some more critical services, our customized approach can fit you best.

We provide you the replication tools and target infrastructure to conduct your replication. We support for the use of tools and underlying platform.



  • Uptime SLA


  • Support

    Included via ticketing system and phone support

  • Billing


  • Minimum duration of contract

    1 month

  • Datacenter in which the service can be activated

    IT1, IT3, CZ1, FR1, PL1, On premise


  • Software used for replication


  • Control system

    HTTPS web control panel found in each datacenter enabled for the service.

  • WAN Optimization

    Yes. Via deduplication and compression technology.

  • Instant visibility of the RPO

    Yes. In seconds and minutes.

  • Non-disruptive functionality of DR tests

    Yes. You can test your DR at any time without disrupting production.

  • Functionality of reverse synchronization

    Yes. Allows you to reverse the replication process to return from Disaster Recovery to production.

  • Maximum number of VMs to manage


  • Possibility to customize the DR networks

    Yes, for each machine. You can define different networks for tests and real disaster.

  • Possibility to customize the DR datastore

    Yes, for each machine.

  • Possibility to replicate on-premise infrastructures

    Possibility to replicate on-premise infrastructures Yes, both for the source and destination of the replication.