Organizations around the world are increasingly accelerating workload performance, flexibility, and security while simultaneously cutting their costs by migrating SAP instances to AWS.

In today’s digital world, mission-critical software has to provide more than just extreme dependability and high availability. Customers are frequently asking for solutions that are fast, robust and strong enough to meet the demands of real-time operations. Flexible enough to adapt quickly to evolving business and market needs, and secure enough to protect valuable data.

From On-premise to Cloud: The SAP Evolution Story

Many SAP customers have grappled to deal with these and other requirements within their own data centers. Although on-premises SAP deployments may provide stable and predictable performance, they often run on rigid, inflexible, and costly infrastructure. As a result, organizations can find it challenging to quickly and affordably scale and modify their SAP environments, to acquire and deploy cutting-edge hardware platforms, and to stretch their presence in new geographic markets.

To surmount these and other challenges–and as a central element of their digital transformation initiatives–growing numbers of SAP customers are migrating some or all of their SAP-based operations to the AWS Cloud. Much like SAP itself, pioneering cloud services provider AWS has an incomparable global presence and reputation in its sphere of operations.

In a recent IDG Enterprise survey, for example, nearly 60% of the respondents identified AWS as a thought leader in cloud computing, well ahead of any other provider.

Why AWS Cloud of All? Explore the SAP on AWS Promise

SAP architecture fine-tuned for resiliency:

  • AWS global infrastructure built around multiple isolated regions and Availability Zones (AZs) connected through low-latency, high throughput, and highly redundant
  • Eliminates application-level single points of failure (SPOFs)

Cloud-powered Intelligent Security:

  • Cloud4C and AWS deliver a comprehensive approach to security beyond infra and SAP application security. Ex: VAPT, SAP custom code scanning, Threat Intelligence, Forensics etc.
  • AWS Shared Security model provides data security upto OS level, including from guest-OS and hypervisor to the bottom of the stack, not to mention physical security of DCs.

Maximum Benefits. Minimum Costs:

  • Companies moving their SAP landscapes to AWS Cloud can cut TCO by between 20 and 40 percent.
  • If they need to scale up and down, they can switch to a larger or smaller environment in a couple of minutes.

Unleash Smart Automation. Reduce Management overhead:

Cloud4C offers a series of DevOps services that automate SAP deployments and operation on AWS. The tools built on best practices for SAP architecture deployments, and can work for popular SAP products.

  • Auto-deploy and testing of SAP landscapes
  • Automated starts and stops for non-production environments.
  • Scripted SAP Basis and Infrastructure Operations
  • End-to-end monitoring of SAP Infra and Apps

Embed Agility by Design. Ultra-low latency and Data sovereignty

  • AWS Global locations coupled with AWS Outposts will solve the problem of latency and need to comply with Data Sovereignty rules.
  • AWS Outposts allows enterprises to securely store and process customer data that needs to remain on premises or in countries where there is no AWS region. This is important for companies in highly regulated industries and countries with data sovereignty requirements.

Enter Cloud4C. AIOps-powered End-to-end Managed SAP Operations on AWS

Zero Disruptions. Zero Risks. Unprecedented Transformation

Cloud4C offers unmatched end-to-end migration solutions, managed services and infrastructure automation suite for SAP applications on AWS to help enterprises transform their SAP core systems and adopt cloud at speed and scale. This drives speed to market with increased quality, consistency and breakthrough efficiency. This also gives the enterprises a platform for innovation and transformation with Analytics and IoT.

Our SAP on AWS expertise in nutshell:

  • Largest SAP S/4HANA Managed Services Partner
  • Leaders in offering support for full suite SAP Applications and Databases
  • 250+ SAP basis consultants and 500+ certified AWS experts
  • SAP Reg-Tech certified offerings for IRAP, SAMA, MEITY, MAS,GDPR, HIPAA and more
  • Assured application login availability of 95% to 99.9 % for diverse SAP landscape
  • Deploying and Managing SAP workloads using AWS native tools like Cloud formation templates, Cloudwatch. Cloudtrail, AWS Backint, AWS Lamba

Diving Deep: Steps to Fail-proof SAP transition and modernization on AWS

Cloud4C brings in the Managed Services expertise in delivering benefits beyond that of SAP and AWS. The automation capabilities provided by DevOps and AIOps tools enhances workload deployment and management on cloud. Migration factory framework, designed by the cloud experts at Cloud4C monitors the infrastructure, delivering operational excellence as needed for business growth.

Migrate SAP workloads on AWS with Cloud4C

Cloud Migrations and Assessment

  • Infrastructure assessment for cloud readiness
  • Design of implementation of blueprint, landing zone and proof of concept
  • Swift and zero friction workload deployment as per migration factory framework  

Right Sizing of Infrastructure

  • Efficient SAP certified systems configured for performance
  • Secure and resilient architecture with recovery and backup
  • Optimized architectures like Multiple Components One System (MCOS), Multiple Components in One Database (MCOD), Multi-tenant Database Containers (MDC) etc.

Managed Services Powered by AIOps

  • Expert SAP and AWS resources for stringent monitoring
  • Quick response for threat detection and alleviation  
  • Managed services up-to SAP Basis technical layer
  • Stringent SLA upto application login layer
  • Support for third party applications including Opentext, GKPOS and Hybris

Streamlined Governance and Security Framework with RBAC

  • Advanced security, integrated to compliance controls (GDPR, IRAP, PCIDSS, NESA, SAMA etc.)
  • Enhanced protection with 24*7 Security Operation Center (SOC)
  • Real-time monitoring, timely application and DB security audits

DRaaS for Business Continuity

  • Improved site resiliency with AWS DR infrastructure  
  • Desired zero RPO and RTO SLAs
  • Automated DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) for uninterrupted business

Intelligent automation services for improved Business agility and Efficiency

The future calls for automation and automation is in our DNA. We have been among the first few companies across the globe to invest in emerging technologies such as AI, Hyper Automation, RPA, DevSecOps, IoT and Blockchain. In order to optimize the way we fulfil our brand promise and deliver beyond that, we embedded automation in everything we do. With an innovative, home-grown operations management platform we hope to reduce the cost of operations, improve the time to market, have little to no issues to correct and help to embrace change effortlessly for our customers.

What makes SAP Intelligent RPA stand -out is that it combines Process Automation, AI and Machine Learning technologies. It not only provides the ability to automate repetitive business processes but also helps your business stay relevant by providing insights that empower you to make the right decisions. It also provides the capability to continuously improve your bot’s performance using APIs. SAP intelligent RPA is a complete solution for automating your processes and empowers you to redirect your workforce towards innovations and high-value business goals.

Benefits of Hyper automation applied to the SAP landscape:

  • Easy integration with SAP applications
  • Repository of skills
  • Attended & Unattended RPA robots
  • Embedded AI/ML
  • Pre-defined bots
  • Comprehensive set of tools

With SAP Robotic Process Automation, Cloud4C provides comprehensive end-to-end services in building robust, reusable SAP Intelligent RPA solutions.

The Cloud4C Intelligent RPA Promise: Preserve Your Ideas for Breakthrough Innovations

Laying the Foundations for a Future-proof Enterprise

We provide RPA consulting services to help your team identify the right impactful processes for automation and recommend solutions that are personalized for your organization, based on your business needs. Here, we perform a feasibility study and come up with a Proof of Value to enable your organization to make better decisions with respect to the implementation of the automation strategy, and help you understand and measure the benefits of using SAP Intelligent RPA for automating your business-critical processes. With SAP automation solutions, Cloud4C also helps in creating a roadmap for your organization to implement SAP Intelligent RPA solutions in a phased manner.

With a strong foothold & deep experience into AWS consulting, we at Cloud4C can help you implement or migrate SAP workloads to AWS, thus having AWS provide scalable resources & manage the underlying infrastructure for you with no upfront capital expenses.

And stay tuned for the next part in this series.

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