For decades, SAP applications have been at the heart of enterprise functions; daily operations, business management, supply chain administration and value chain planning, process automations, and more. Traditionally much of these applications ran on the enterprise’s own servers or on SAP’s private cloud solutions (HANA Enterprise Cloud) that could prove costly and difficult to manage over time. Until, SAP took the transformative decision; announcing RISE with SAP.

Dubbed a business transformation-as-a-service, RISE with SAP allows firms to convert their legacy SAP ERP/ECC systems to S/4HANA and move it to ANY cloud of choice. This could be private cloud, SAP HEC, or interestingly, any hyperscale public cloud like AWS. In addition, firms could enjoy limited credits of SAP’s Business Transformation Platform and other applications, to kickstart their organization-wide digital evolution journey. Managed service providers such as Cloud4C, certified in both SAP and AWS competencies, could help businesses implement RISE disruption-free, cost-effectively, at an agile pace. No surprise, this unique solution has delivered a jolt to enterprises still running on legacy-scapes, allowing them to leverage cutting-edge innovations and modernized business applications to run daily operations.

This blog dives into some inspirational SAP on AWS transformations for enterprises across industries and regions, serving as templates for successful and risk-proof future evolutions. Read along!

Thriving on the Cloud: Inspiring SAP on AWS Success Stories

1) APAC Multi-brand Leader Achieves Breakthrough Agility and Cost Savings

KPN Corp is a leading Indonesian organization operating in several sectors. KPN wanted to redesign their entire IT architecture on AWS Cloud within strict timelines, to prioritize hyper agile and scalable workload performances, seamless local compliance, and data security. They needed a technology partner, who could support end-to-end infrastructure needs. After a comprehensive assessment, their existing GIS and SAP workloads running on a separate cloud were migrated to AWS \ for ease of maintenance and cross-functionality. Intelligent workflow management with task automation was also implemented using AWS cloud-native tools. The migration resulted in:

  • 30% to 50% reduction in IT expenses
  • Up to 50% reduction in resolution processing time
  • 99.5% uptime
  • and increased ROI with maximum scalability

2) Middle East Poultry Major Embraces Operational Excellence with SAP on AWS

This Middle East-based poultry production and distribution company faced challenges due to its complex distribution network, which posed innumerable tracking, monitoring silos that shot up administrative costs, transaction hassles, and manual redundancies. They needed a seamless, secure, and agile workflow architecture on the cloud that would answer all operational deadlocks and accelerate production performance. Cloud4C, a trusted managed cloud services provider designed a tailored, hyper-scalable, and high-performance SAP on AWS solution with an Infrastructure as Code architecture. The use of SAP HANA on AWS, backed by native and third party tools including Terraform, AWS CloudFormation, and AWS Chef, enabled quality testing and management to be efficient. The transition exercise resulted in

  • 30% TCO savings
  • 99.99% availability under single SLA
  • Enhanced productivity with multi-tier deployment
  • Improved business continuity with RTO/RPO

3) Middle East Investment Giant’s Journey of Becoming an Intelligent Enterprise

This business incubator and venture capital firm with a diverse investment portfolio across multiple sectors required a unified, advanced Cloud ERP administration platform to streamline operations, amplify business possibilities for supported start-ups, and facilitate cross-enterprise collaboration. The firm chose SAP HANA as the platform of choice, and resolved to deploy the workloads on AWS. A tailored SAP on AWS architecture was developed by Cloud4C to achieve the same at zero friction, leveraging Cloud Well-architected frameworks and Infrastructure as Code. With Amazon EC2 instances, the entire workload and applications architecture was optimized to leverage the best benefits on the cloud at minimal expense. This entire implementation was covered in phases with cloud-native technologies that resulted in:

  • 40% TCO reduction
  • 99.99% high availability of applications
  • Uninterrupted business continuity with stringent RTO/RPO

In addition to the above, other major industry giants are also embracing the SAP on cloud wave, AWS being a preferred choice for many:

  • L&T IDPL: They deployed SAP S/4 HANA 1909 along with various other SAP applications, third-party and non-ERP solutions , and more on AWS, and cut deployment times for development environments by 40 percent.
  • Sony: Sony chose to migrate SAP West Platform to AWS and embrace the cloud's operational benefits

SAP on AWS – this powerful combination that has been adopted by over 5,000 active AWS customers.

Here’s how Cloud4C has been making that journey easier, faster, and more cost-effective.

Migration factory for SAP on AWS

Offering a streamlined blueprint for harmonizing data assets, tailored to elevate operational processes. Leveraging automated tools and native services along with well architected, CAF best practices, SAP on AWS Migration Factory ensures every transition is disruption-free and risk-proof. Below are some benefits:

Faster Migration:

Providing a standardized approach to SAP migration to cloud, it reduces the time and effort required for migration. Includes pre-built templates, tools, and accelerators that help automate the migration process.


Many businesses run multiple legacy core applications, posing a challenge when moving these workloads and surrounding operations to the cloud. A migration factory solution consolidates the applications into a single platform and also creates a plan to ensure all applications are migrated, reducing the risk of errors and minimizing downtime.

Cost Savings:

Having mature and efficient processes streamlines the actual migration. Users that follow a migration factory approach can see significantly lower costs.

Data Accessibility:

By centralizing the planning and execution, redundancies and inconsistencies are eliminated. Resulting in better alignment with the company’s goals and seamless migration to cloud.

DevOps for SAP on AWS

DevOps is critical in the migration of SAP on AWS. Cloud4C deploys a DevOps methodology during any migration process, enabling automated pipelines from primary code configurations to end releases and migration actions for agile completions and error-free outcomes. Below are some essentials of DevOps' role in the migration process:

Infrastructure as Code (IaC):

Is a fundamental pillar of implementing DevOps for SAP on AWS, enabling users to provision and manage their SAP using a templated process, for the automation of infrastructure deployment and management. It ensures that infrastructure is consistent and repeatable, reducing the risk of errors.

Configuration Management:

Ensures that the SAP environment is configured correctly and consistently. It helps to minimize errors and ensure that the SAP environment is optimized for AWS.

Operations Automation:

Provides operational automation with regards to starting/stopping, auto-scaling, serverless refreshes, and automated patching. It ensures that the SAP environment is always available and performing optimally.

AWS DevOps Tools:

AWS CodePipeline, AWS CodeCommit, Amazon SNS, and AWS CodeBuild can be used as a serverless CI/CD toolset to orchestrate, build, validate, approve, and deploy SAP workloads on AWS.

Making the Move: SAP on AWS with Cloud4C:

Running SAP systems in the cloud can provide a litany of benefits to users at every level of the organization. But implementing the SAP on AWS journey and managing the landscape on cloud could be challenging— this is where Cloud4C steps in!

As a premium SAP partner and trusted AWS MSP, Cloud4C leverages an intelligent migration factory approach to seamlessly transition multiple SAP workloads on AWS cloud. Business can benefit from our Zero-friction Onboarding, Migration, and Service Delivery frameworks that enable frictionless SAP on cloud transformations in a single SLA from infra till end application login. We are also a Global premium supplier for SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC) and RISE with SAP. We can be your trusted ally on the SAP on AWS journey, contact us to know more!

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Ravi Kumar R


Ravi Kumar R Oversees and manages critical AWS transformation projects, ensuring the same are delivered at zero friction and near zero disruption to business as usual. He consults customer teams to ensure proper value delivery on their transformation exercises.

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Ravi Kumar R


Ravi Kumar R Oversees and manages critical AWS transformation projects, ensuring the same are delivered at zero friction and near zero disruption to business as usual. He consults customer teams to ensure proper value delivery on their transformation exercises.

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